hailey's diet
Ongoing success at fighting lymphosarcoma
To compliment Hailey's chemotherapy and supplement program, we fed Hill's Prescription Diet N/D to Hailey for one and half years (cirrhosis of Hailey's liver forced us to change Hailey to a liver specific diet in April, 2001 - click the "Liver" tab on the left for more information).

Hill's Presecription Diet N/D is a cancer specific diet that is clinically proven to extend remission and survival times of pets with cancer. Iams/Eukanuba Veterinary Diet also makes a suitable canned preparation that follows the "low carbs, high fat" principle. It is named "Maximum-Calorie™/Canine & Feline Canned Formula". Both are expensive, but they work.

We fed Hailey 1/2 a can of N/D, four to five times a day, along with 2 cups of her vegetable mixture (blended in a food processor) per day.

Recommended cancer-diet vegetables include:
Kale, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Brocolli Sprouts, Brussels Sprouts, Red Peppers, Radishes, and Garlic Cloves. Detailed cancer diet information can be obtained on our 'Alternative Medicine/Cancer Diet' page.

Equal amounts of each (except Garlic: one clove per cup of other veggies) should be mixed or blended together.

Click here for info on Hill's Prescription Diet N/D
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