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Ongoing success at fighting canine cancer

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Final (heartbreaking) update:  After a successful four year battle against canine lymphosarcoma and liver cirrhosis, it is with tears in our eyes we report that Hailey became an angel on September 29, 2003 after losing her fight with kidney failure. Making things much worse, Gibson passed away seven weeks later after a seven month battle with dilated cardiomyopathy, a severe form of heart disease.  It is important to understand that Hailey lived happily for four years after her diagnosis, and by many medical definitions had beaten lymphosarcoma.

Hailey, Gibson and Coco (our uber-poodle who was the household boss) truly are our angels & were our "furry" children; we will cherish them always.


Hailey gave us the 'go-ahead' to do this, so we decided to do a website to provide others with detailed animal cancer information, while at the same time celebrate Hailey's success at fighting Stage III (potentially Stage IV) canine lymphosarcoma, an advanced form of systemic cancer that is considered terminal. The confusion, sadness and anger that follows a diagnosis of cancer is common for pet parents who deeply love their furry kids. The personal information about Hailey's fight against cancer will hopefully answer some of your initial questions, and the website links to other oncology & cancer information sites may potentially assist you in planning your course of action as you and your furry loved one cope with this disease.

Firstly, it is important to realize that canine cancer (in any form) is an aggressive disease, and as such, requires aggressive treatment. To increase your odds, consider all treatment options available to you and your pet. For example, it has been clinically proven that a combination of conventional treatments (eg. chemotherapy or surgery) & alternative treatments (certain supplements/herbs, cancer specific diet) increase the survival times and quality of life of pets with various pet cancers.

If a malignancy is caught early and treated appropriately, the success rate at achieving clinical remission or even a cure is fair to very good. Sometimes however, cancer in pets and humans alike are often not diagnosed until the cancer is at an advanced stage, and subsequently, palliative treatment and care may be the only option. Even in unfortunate situations like these, specific supplements, herbs, and a suitable diet WILL slow the progression of cancer, and at the very least, provide comfort for your pet before her/his potential passing.

Having said that, do not give up hope! I have spent over seven years researching veterinary cancer studies and articles, and more often then not nowadays, a miracle case is published in a medical journal that defies explanation. Some success stories have been based on conventional treatment alone (chemotherapy, surgery, radiation etc.) and some using only alternative treatments (herbs, supplements, diet etc.). However, a majority of so-called "miracle" cases result from the use of more than one treatment, with special consideration given to the use of both Western conventional medicine and alternative medicine...what I call the "best of both worlds"

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Hailey (left) & her sister Gibson, having an afternoon nap
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