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Ongoing success at fighting lymphosarcoma

Firstly, the following schedule is based upon Hailey's weight (60 lbs) and must be adjusted accordingly for your pup's weight should you decide to use any supplements in Hailey's program. It has been given on a daily basis for one or two weeks at a time, followed by a one day break from all pills. Occasionally, we have also omitted certain supplements from Hailey's program on a daily basis (i.e. Day 1-no mushrooms, Day 2-no Co-Q10, Day 3-no Greens powder etc...). This carries on for a full cycle where all pills have had a "day off", then back to her regular program. Over the long term, this is simply done to give her system (liver, kidneys, GI etc...) a break, and prevent any resistance to, or toxicity from, certain supplements.

UPDATE - October 4, 2003: As we sadly posted on Hailey's homepage, Hailey lost her fight against kidney disease on September 29, 2003. She was still in remission, and as such, we feel she successfully won her four year fight against lymphosarcoma. We hope her life's story will help other cancer pups.
UPDATE - April 7, 2003: Hailey is awesome, and her and Gibson will be celebrating their tenth birthdays this year. We still have her on a supplement program very similar to what is listed below, but I have decreased the dosage amounts of many supplements by approx. 25%-50% since she has been in remission for over 16 months (this is her fourth time in remission, and is also her LONGEST time IN remission). We have not adjusted her Ursodiol (liver medication) listed below, but we have taken her off Penicillamine (liver medication). Hailey is still on Prednisone and Doxycycline, and the doses below are current. On a personal sidenote (and this is simply my opinion based on Hailey and a recent published study) I attribute much of her success to the use of Doxycycline over the past 1.5 years. She has been on 150 mg/day for the past 18 months.
UPDATE - April 18, 2002: Hailey is doing great, and we are still following the schedule below (except for Vit. C & Garlic - see below)
UPDATE - November 1, 2001: An article I read stated that people should be doing a shorter 'treatment plan' for cancer pups regarding supplements. It recommended a "3-5 days on, 1 day off" approach to giving any supplements, instead of the 7-14 days, then 1 or 2 off, that we were doing. I don't know which is better. The shorter duration obvioulsy would be easier on her system, but may not have the same positive effects against cancer (I am simply outlining what we have done for Hailey over the past three and a half years...please understand that none of this is a medical recommendation on what you should give your pup)

Following supplements were given each day with each specific meal (Hailey ate four to five times a day):

Batch #1:
(2) IP-6 Celle Forte(220mg.), (1) Swiss Formula Anti-Oxidant capsule (contains 10,000IU Beta-Carotene / 500mg Vit. C / 25mcg. Selenium), (3) Reishi Mushroom capsules(1000mg each), (3) Maitake Mushroom caps(800mg each), (3) Shiitake Mushroom caps(800mg each), (2) Ester Vitamin C(600mg each), (3) Prednisone, every other day(5mg each)

Batch #2:
(2) IP-6, (1) Co-Enzyme Co-Q10(30mg), 1 ounce Flor-Essence diluted with 2 ounces water (or Essiac Tea is acceptable), (1) Green Tea capsule(50mg), (2) Salmon Oil**(1000mg each), 2 teaspoons Greens+ powder

Batch #3:
(2) IP-6, (1) high quality human grade IRON FREE Multi Vitamin, (2) Shark Cartilige, (2) Ester Vitamin C, (3) Reishi Mushroom caps, (2) Cat's Claw(670mg each), (2) Grape Seed extract capsules, (2) Moducare Sterinol tablets, (1) Salmon Oil cap**

Batch #4:
(3) Maitake Mushroom caps, (3) Shiitake Mushroom caps, 2 teaspoons Wheatgrass powder, 2 tablespoons Flax Seed Oil**

Batch #5:
(2) IP-6, (1) Selenium(100mcg), (1) Co-Enzyme Q-10, (1) Ester Vitamin C, 1 ounce Flor-Essence(diluted with 2 ounces water)

Liver Supplements & Medications:

*A mistake of administering Lomustine/CCNU & Methotrexate (chemotherapy drugs) within too short a time frame led to severe liver damage for Hailey in April of 2001. Thankfully, a combination of supplements and medications has pulled her through what should have been a potentially terminal condition. Had I researched the hepatic toxicity of certain chemo drugs more thoroughly, I would have started Hailey on her liver supplements when we started her first chemotherapy protocol. *It is important to note that Hailey no longer receives Vitamin C or Garlic (liver related issues)

Liver Supplements (given twice daily):
Turmeric - 1000mg
Artichoke Leaves Extract - 1800mg
Dandelion Extract - 1500mg
SAMe - 200 mg (started in 2003)
Milk Thistle - 3000mg (<--- very important liver supplement, with SAMe being a close second)

Liver Medications:
Ursodiol (Actigal) 250mg (once a day)
Penicillamine 250mg / 2 times a day (500mg total per day)

Anti-angiogenic medication:
Doxycycline 50mg / 3 times a day (150mg total per day): Doxy helps to prevent cancer spread and blood vessel growth around tumors and seems to be effective with osteosarcoma cases. Doxy appears to be beneficial for lymphoma cancers as well (with Hailey being the evidence of this)

We try to give some of the above supplements between meals, especially IP-6. The more "spread out" the supplements are throughout the day and evening, the better.
**Stop excessive fatty acid/fish oil supplementation 2-3 days prior to any chemo, until 2 days after.
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